to be a blindapplying intern is great!

Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to apologize for my absence here. Spring 2014 was very interesting and at the same time busy period of my life called “graduation” but now when all exams are done and  I got some free time I’m ready to share with you my exciting internship experience at Munich Re.   Let me start with my internship at Corporate Claims department which became my “base station” for all three months. At Munich Re I got an opportunity to work on very interesting and actual claims where I could use all my knowledge gained during university studies. As well during my internship I visited different departments where I got better insights of reinsurance.

The most impressive part of my internship was a working climate of the company and especially my department. You really have a feeling of being “a family member”.  All my colleagues are very friendly, open and ready to help on every issue. Moreover, our communication was not only in the office area. We quite often had dinners and even one time visited the ice-hockey game of Russian and German national teams.

It happened that this year I had to celebrate my birthday in Munich, far from my relatives and friends so my department prepared for me a great surprise – birthday lunch where they invited all colleagues I worked with. I’ll always remember this birthday as one of the best moments of life… 🙂

One more good factor about working at Munich Re is a multicultural environment. Everyday you can meet colleagues from all over the world and communicate in different languages.

Working at Munich Re is also nice because the company suggests  to its employees such benefits as free (and tasty!) lunches at canteen (called “Gartencasino”), opportunity to visit workshops and lectures with top – class trainers and flexible working hours so you can arrange your working schedule.

For interns there is a great range of activities such  as “Praktikantenforum” where they can present their university thesis or share their work experience at Munich Re. I should also mention that  all interns have a chance to become  participants of a loyalty programme Munich ReMember. If you  demonstrate a high level of perfomance and enthusiasm during your internship, you can be rewarded by admission to the programme which offers a wide range of benefits such as an internship at an international location of the company.

My three months of the internship passed very quickly but they were one of the best in my life 🙂 Now it’s time to say thank you to Munich Re and the BlindApplying Team for a great organization of the amazing internship!



Hello, my name is Viktoriia and I’m taking part in a 3 – month internship organized by Munich Re.

Let me introduce a little bit myself. I’m a 21 – year old student from Russia. I study World Economics and Civil law and in a couple of months I’ll have my final exams and get my Diploma 🙂

I knew about Blind Applying Campaign from Entrypark where I was signed up. “18 companies and just one application” – a motto of the campaign sounded quite interesting so  I decided to take  a chance and applied. Several weeks passed and I almost forgot about the application so you can imagine my surprise when I got an invitation for the interview 🙂 That was time when miracle started…

After I had succeeded with all visa procedures I came to Munich where I started my fascinating internship at Munich Re. But that will be a topic of my next post…